Incentives IRL and the quest to own your data

Helium invited me alongside Matthew Fontana from Streamr, Danny O’Brien from the Filecoin Foundation and the Hivemapper founder Ariel Seidman to talk about how to incentivize the sharing of data through tokens. We discuss the different tokeneconmical models that help boosting data ownership and give an overview on the growing data economy landscape in Web3.

Unlocking new “x to earn” use cases with Data Unions at ETHcc

At my favorite conference: ETHcc in Paris!

Surf to earn, drive to earn, bank to earn are just a couple of use cases the Data Union paradigm unlocks. By selling user data with their explicit consent and splitting revenues between users and builders dozens of new “x to earn” use cases become available driving user growth in Web3, giving users a share in the data economy and onboarding them to crypto.

Meet the company that wants you to do yield farming with your e-bike

The twist is, that anyone with a Pave bike can rent out their vehicle to anyone who’s got the Pave app installed on their phone. In addition Pave owners are in full control of their driving data which they can monetize on their own terms. This opens up a completely new path towards a true sharing economy. There’s no longer a centralized company renting out bikes, cars or whatever new hybrid vehicle there is, but the owners of the e-bike themselves. Riders take the profit and they are in control of their data … Tech Times

Meet the company that wants you to do yield farming with your e-bike

Why the Web 3.0 stack needs real-time data

It’s hard to say something original when it comes to criticizing the current state of the centralized web. What seems more important is to get started on building a better, decentralized internet. A new internet where, on the one hand, the power to pull a kill switch is never in the hands of just a few, but also a new internet infrastructure in which one cannot easily get DDoS’d, similar to how it is in the current, rather centralized set-up … Centralization Strikes Again

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