Zero Knowledgpe Proof Tools for DAOs

During my presentation at DAO Denver 2023 I spoke about how DAOs can leverage ZKP tooling to make their communities more privacy friendly. Some examples I talk about are shielded treasures and anonymous voting.

DAOs have been struggling for a while with default financial transparency. Through the use zero knowledge proofs (ZKPs) DAOs could potentially make their treasuries private. This practice is a common occurrence in the traditional business environment, where it is unusual for an entity, be it a company or a non-governmental organization, to publicly disclose the entirety of their treasury.

While there are merits to maintaining a certain level of transparency in treasuries, it is not without its drawbacks. Currently, DAOs operate with open treasuries, leaving them vulnerable to being outbid in auctions as their maximum bid is publicly known. A potential solution to this issue might be the integration of Tornado Cash Nova and Juice Box, thereby enabling the creation of shielded treasuries.