Incentives IRL and the quest to own your data

Helium invited me alongside Matthew Fontana from Streamr, Danny O’Brien from the Filecoin Foundation and the Hivemapper founder Ariel Seidman to talk about how to incentivize the sharing of data through tokens. We discuss the different tokeneconmical models that help boosting data ownership and give an overview on the growing data economy landscape in Web3.

Unlocking the Potential of Interoperability

During this hour-long panel Marlene discusses the potential of interoperability with Anil John, Technical Director at the Silicon Valley Innovation Program, Matt Prewitt, President at RadicalxChange Foundation and James Felton Keith, Founder & CEO of the Inclusion Score. This talk was part of the MyData Global 2020 Conference

“The current decentralized identifier system has the potential to enable an ecosystem where the identifiers you choose for yourself – for financial, for social media, for governmental services – that you can take them with you. We’re not there yet. Decentralized identifiers are now locked either to a ledger or the issuance infrastructure that issues it right now. Can you get to a point where a decentralized identifier is something that you truly own and that you can take with you? Yes, that can happen, but a whole lot more work needs to be done.” – Anil John

“I think the idea of collective bargaining about data is a worthy goal. I’m not arguing for this standard or that standard. But I do think that if we have the necessary standards on the technology side and the necessary regulatory support on the other side then we will be able to create a more solicitous data economy.” – Matt Prewitt