Wie mit Ethereum alles zum digitalen Krypto-Token werden könnte

Glaubt man den Krypto-Visionären, dann stehen wir kurz davor, dass alles auf der Blockchain abgebildet wird. Bis zum Atom. Dann sind nicht nur Bitcoins, Ether und andere Kryptowährungen in dezentralen Datenbanken gespeichert, sondern auch unsere Identität, unser Besitz und sogar Kunst. Jedoch tut sich ziemlich schnell die Frage nach dem „Wieso?“ auf. Um das zu beantworten, bin ich für WIRED ins Crypto Valley in die Schweiz gereist… WIRED Germany


Among Blockchain-Friendly Jurisdictions, Malta Stands Out

Among the handful of blockchain-friendly jurisdictions around the globe, Malta stands out with perhaps the most forward-thinking regulatory agenda. In a testament to its success, the European island state has attracted a couple dozen blockchain businesses, such as the crypto exchange Binance and our company, the equity fundraising platform Neufund. A recent study from Morgan Stanley shows that Malta has established itself as the No. 1 spot for crypto trading … Coindesk


The Future of Blockchain, the Future of Funding

Blockchain technology is celebrating its tenth birthday later this year in autumn. For a decade, developers have been improving the tech behind it and invented more than a thousand other cryptocurrencies aside from the original Bitcoin. Since last year’s craze of investments into ICOs, a blockchain-based way of fundraising, it has become certain that Blockchain will lastingly disrupt the way companies raise capital … GrowWithTech for InfoShare


Berlin’s diverse blockchain startup scene: from ICOs to crypto raves

It all started back in 2011 with a burger restaurant in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Instead of accepting only cash like any other place in Germany, the restaurant was trading Burgers for Bitcoin. Since then a lot has happened in Berlin’s blockchain scene. The city is no longer only attractive to young artists and musicians to kick off their careers, but also to business school graduates. But since when do lefty artists hang out with venture capitalists? … HNCnews